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The Candidate's Market - Hot Talent Topics for 2022

What’s the fire in your belly? Thank you to Anna for asking such a valuable question. Getting really clear on what we want in our career and lives is something we talk about at Colorado Career Connectors, and a huge part of Chelle’s mission. Hearing it come up over and over again, no matter who we have in our discussions is a reminder of how important it is to have a clear vision.

This huge piece of advice wasn’t our only advice, though. Megan, Cathy, Anna and Chelle brought lots of practical advice to the table, like:

  • Setting up job alerts so you know when a new listing is posted, and you can apply right away

  • Know that feeling undervalued is normal, and you can combat it by thinking about your successes – keep track of them, they will serve you!

  • Ask for feedback! But do it politely.

  • Remember that you will make an impression on the recruiter – make it a good one – and they will keep you in mind when they’re looking for candidates.

From our sponsors:

Actalent Life Sciences

Actalent connects passion with purpose. Our scalable talent solutions and services capabilities drive value and results and provide the expertise to help our customers achieve more. We’re supporting critical initiatives in engineering and sciences that advance how companies serve the world.

Community Medical Services

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What’s next?

Maximize Your Pay Through Effective Negotiation

2/7/22 - 12:00 pm MT

One of the secrets to maximizing your pay and benefits is knowing what you are worth and asking for it.

Do you know what to say and when to say it?

Do you know how to ask?

You need to talk about the value and results you deliver in the context of strategic business goals. You will leave $500k to $1M on the table if you don’t negotiate over the course of your career. Are you ready to learn how to fund your dreams?

On Monday February 7th at 12:00 pm MST Chelle will be hosting returning guest Denise Liebetrau of Prosper Consulting. She’ll be sharing effective strategies for negotiating your compensation.

We’ll cover three important learning objectives:

(1) Create win-win solutions by using interest-based negotiation tactics.

(2) Summarize the pay data from online resources and use it in your business case.

(3) Gain confidence by answering powerful negotiation planning questions.

Connect with our panelists:

Chelle Johnson

Megan Kennedy

Recruiter, Community Medical Services

Cathy Magliaro

Scientific Practice Lead, Actalent Life Sciences

Anna Brambilla

Career Ownership Coach, The Entrepreneur’s Source

See you next time!

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