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Behind the Recruitment Curtain: how to get seen by the recruiters that matter


Yep, you heard that from THREE seasoned recruiters. Know your worth, and ask for it! You have permission to boldly stand out and get seen by the recruiters that matter -- the ones who are going to see your value and ultimately hire you.

What an amazing conversation we had with Sydney Artt and Tony Gilbert. If you missed it, or want to be inspired again, you can watch the recording here.

It’s not just about making it known that you’re looking -- the #OpenToWork tag on your Linkedin profile might not even matter. The recruiters who you want to meet are using tools to find candidates with the background and skills that match the jobs they are trying to fill. Take the tips from this talk and polish that profile, because they are definitely looking at it! Do your homework, stand out, and when you’re nurturing that relationship, let your soft skills shine.

Links from our conversation:

Both Maxwell and Raytheon are hiring!

If you’re interested in joining the Slack networking groups, reach out to Sydney with your email address and Linkedin profile:

Chelle is talking about soft skills with the 905 Denver Career Network THIS THURSDAY.

If you haven’t already, please take our member survey.

Connect with our panelists:

Sydney Artt

Head of Talent Acquisition, Maxwell

Anthony Gilbert

Program Manager of Military and Veteran Recruitment, Raytheon Missiles and Defense

Chelle Johnson

Founder, Colorado Career Connectors

See you next time!

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