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Land the Perfect Job in 2022

What’s Your Vision? The first step to making a transformational career change is to know what you’re looking for – What do you genuinely care about? What are you driven by? Where are your passions? Think about the things, big or small, that inspire you – and the things that frustrate you.

Start with clarity, flex your networking muscles, and make those connections. Watch the recording here, and start building your own personalized formula for success in 2022.

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Links from our conversation:

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Check out this CNBC article about remote work: The top 20 companies on a hiring spree for remote workers this year.

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We asked and you provided! Here are community member recommendations for job searching resources:

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Member Highlight

Our member spotlight this week is on Rick Bolin.

Rick is a Global Product Management Executive, a People Focused Technology Leader and an Ironman World Championship participant. He is the author of the book, Addiction Emergency Response Plan: A 30-Day Collaborative Approach.

What’s Next?

Behind the Recruitment Curtain

The Candidate's Market - Hot Talent Topics for 2022

1/24/22 - 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm MST

Four million people are leaving jobs monthly; 55% of American workers plan to look for a new job. Does this include you?

Are you burned out, stressed, and want to find a work environment that aligns with your values?

All of these topics, plus more, will be discussed during this look behind the recruitment curtain and into the candidate's market.

Join Chelle, Megan Kennedy and Cathy Magliaro for a 45 minute panel discussion on hot talent topics for 2022. This extended session will also include presentations from this week’s sponsors, Community Medical Services and Actalent Life Sciences. You’ll have an opportunity to engage with each of them, and learn more about the open roles within each company. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to network!

Connect with our team:

Chelle Johnson

Yvette Bell

Director of Operations, Colorado Career Connectors

See you next time!

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