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Interviewing: How to show up as your whole and authentic self

Did you know? None of these things are ultimately true:

  • The primary purpose of an interview is for the company to see if I am a good fit for the role.

  • A successful interview is one where I make a good impression and move onto the next round.

  • Bringing your whole, authentic self is the ultimate ideal for everyone.

Storytelling is to be Human. Your relationship to your story is more than just a formula (like STAR!) – it takes possessing the right mental fitness, having realistic expectations of a successful interview, and knowing your authentic self.


Links from our Conversation

What assessments have you used? Have they been helpful? You can take the CultureTalk assessment here for free. Monica and Sarah are certified partners in this assessment.

Get Sarah’s Values eBook on her website,

Is bringing your authentic self to work the right path for you? Watch Jodi-Ann Burey's TED talk here, as recommended by Monica.

Ready to flex your mental fitness? Learn more about the Positive Intelligence program, hosted by Chelle.

We have a new page on our website! It’s all about Community Resources.

Our event page has had a redesign. Find CCC meetups and community events here.

Ready to walk the El Camino? There is still room! Fill out the interest form.

If you haven’t yet met with Chelle, don’t forget to set up some time with her! Learn more about her business at


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What’s next

Master Storytelling for Job Interviews

6/6/22 - 12:00 pm MDT

Do you struggle in job interviews? If yes, you're not alone. Alyce Blum will be joining us on Monday 6/6/22 to talk with us about how we can master storytelling for job interviews.

Most of us struggle with what to say and freeze up once we're in the hot seat. During this session, you'll learn Articulated Intelligence's gamified and trademarked approach to tell hire-worthy stories that can be applied to any job interview so you can land your ideal position.

What is an interview, if not a series of short stories about YOU!


Connect with our panelists

Chelle Johnson

CEO & Founder

Best You Career Advantage

Founder, Colorado Career Connectors

Monica Faberman

Founder, HR Consultant, Leadership Coach


Sarah Blake


Sarah Blake Consulting, LLC

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