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Confidence On Demand: Break The Grip of Doubt Forever

What would you do if you had more confidence? Imagine waking up truly rested knowing that you are going to spend your day doing exactly what you want to do.

Bisi asked us what we wanted to create this month? Using her 3-pillar formula, we are destined to build the confidence to reach that goal. So let’s get crystal clear on who we are and what we want, do our stretches into new zones, and acknowledge our movement forward -- just one tiny step outside the comfort zone is progress!

What stretch are you going to take in the next 24 hours?

What’s Next?

Ageism may now be even more pervasive than sexism…and for women, it’s yet another “ism” to overcome. In our adolescent years, age is something we celebrated, but after 40 (and in some industries as young as 35), it’s one of the main reasons why women are being fired, not hired, passed over for promotion, and ultimately, being aged out.. Can you relate? Join Barbara Brooks and Guadalupe Hirt, co-founders of SecondActWomen for a powerful workshop that reframes aging in the workplace and offers tips and strategies to play the age card to your career advantage.

In this workshop, you’ll:

- Discover top 5 reasons why age is a value multiplier

- Get tips to debunk corporate myths about “older” workers during the interview

- Write your own personal branding statement

You can find SecondActWomen online at @secondactwomen on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn or at

Links from our conversation:

Get the Guide. You can download Chelle’s 7-Step Guide to Building Your Own Career Amplifier from her website.

Career Camp From SecondAct|Women is a career advancement summit helping businesswomen 40 & 50+ market themselves and up-level their job search strategies. Learn more here.

Connect with Bisi & Chelle:

Bisi MacGregor

Life & Mindset Coach

Founder of Fear2Freedom LLC

Chelle Johnson

Founder, Colorado Career Connectors

See you next time!

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