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Master Storytelling for Job Interviews

Do you struggle in job interviews? If yes, you're not alone. Keith Bailey and Alyce Blum talk with us about how we can master storytelling for job interviews.

Most of us struggle with what to say and freeze up once we're in the hot seat. During this session, you'll learn Articulated Intelligence's gamified and trademarked approach to tell hire-worthy stories that can be applied to any job interview so you can land your ideal position.

What is an interview, if not a series of short stories about YOU!

About Keith & Alyce

In 2012 Alyce became a Certified Professional Coach sharing scientifically proven tools and her own experiences to coach, consult, and facilitate sessions on how to build meaningful and lasting relationships via effective communication skills, with a focus on storytelling. After running her own business for 7 years she met Keith Bailey.

Keith has had a passion for public speaking since experiencing a seminal moment in the 4th grade. From the hospitality industry to global corporate sales he learned the power of storytelling for profit, influence, and fun. With 16 years as a personal and corporate coach, Keith is motivated by the success of others in his quest to help you live a life well-spoken.

Together, they co-founded Articulated Intelligence where our mission is helping people prevent unintentional audience abuse so that one's personal and professional brand stands out through the words they share with the world.

Event Recap

We are so excited about our growth, and now have 600 members. We welcome people from all over the world. Please check out our new website,, and subscribe to hear about the latest and greatest from our community.

Candidate highlight

This week our candidate highlight is Ambarish Mehrotra. Check out what he is looking for:

Ambarish has substantial experience in the following areas:

  • Technology organization & processes

  • Applications (custom-developed and off-the-shelf)

  • Data and analytics, and

  • Cyber-security

He has a keen understanding of how technology enables business strategy and operational capabilities. His recent focus for the last 15 years has been related to healthcare technology, strategy, deployment, and business operations related roles. Ambarish is pursuing a leadership role in healthcare technology strategy & deployment, operations, transformation, and process excellence. Connect with Ambarish.

Company Highlight

Our company of the week is Hot roles right now are:

  • Sales Operations Specialist

  • Customer Success Manager

  • Sr. Product Manager, and

  • Customer Support Representatives

Here's the website to learn more:

What’s Next?

Stop "Job Boarding" -- Intentionally Design Your Next Opportunity

11/15/21 - 12:00 pm MST

If you’re looking at job boards and open position descriptions thinking, “I could do that…” STOP!

Join Colorado Career Connectors for this lively conversation to learn what it takes to find not just another job but a job that you’ll love and where you’ll feel valued for all the best you bring.

On Monday 11/15/21 at 12:00 pm MDT, Chelle talks to returning guest Meredith Masse. For more than 15 years, Meredith has coached professionals seeking to transform their work lives. She is passionate about filling our workplaces with employees, managers, and leaders who are on fire -- who model and demonstrate the kind of world they demand to live in. Meredith supports individuals through her coaching practice in addition to being a management consultant with Blue Beyond Consulting.

Meredith will share her 3-part formula for career success. You’ll walk away with the framework for a decision-filter you can use for the rest of your professional life.

Connect with our panelists. We'd love to hear from you!

Chelle Johnson

Founder of Colorado Career Connectors

Keith Bailey

Founder, Articulated Intelligence

Alyce Blum

Co-Founder, Articulated Intelligence

See you next time!

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