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Money + Life in Career Transitions

“I am not a self-made man, I am a community-made woman.” - Jenn Uhen

What is your relationship with money? Do you talk about it? What is your financial story? It’s okay if you didn’t grow up with a healthy money mindset, or even having conversations about money at all. With this great community, we have the support to make incremental changes that align our money with our values. Start right where you are – You’ve got this!

Links from our conversation

Check out Chelle’s book recommendation It’s Not Your Money by Tosha Silver.

Chelle loves to personally meet all of the members of CCC, schedule time with her at

Invest in yourself! Join us in September in Portugal and Spain on El Camino de Santiago – learn more here.

Jenn Uhen recommends using or to find a more values-aligned bank.

Join Jenn and the Pledgettes and check out their events to see their 5 Money Workshops ending Financial Literacy Month!

Featured member

This week’s featured member isn’t a job seeker – Lisa LaMunyon is a person to be connected with! She is an excellent resource as an expert in corporate accounting. Lisa has a side-gig with Coors field, and they are hiring talent in the audit area – If this sounds like something you might be interested in, let her know.

Thank you to our sponsor

Shelly Schell is cofounder of PRISM Financial Strategies, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm in Denver, Colorado. She provides financial education and solutions for individuals and families. Shelly’s passion is helping clients meet financial goals. With more than two decades of experience, she takes a lifestyle approach, tailoring investment solutions that match each client’s beliefs and needs.

What’s next

Creating the Life You Love - A Recruiter's Perspective

4/11/22 - 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm MDT

On Monday, April 4th, Chelle is welcoming Katie Doble to take the stage to share her perspective on balance, and creating the life you love.

Katie Doble is a recruiter, writer, motivational speaker, patient advocate, Stage IV cancer survivor, and self-proclaimed friend hoarder. Through her grueling nine-year battle with cancer, Katie’s perspective on the balance of career and life shifted. After making changes to her own career, Katie has made it her mission to help others create the lives they want to live. Her insight will help you look inward and evaluate ways you can better your own life.

Connect with our panelists

Chelle Johnson

CEO & Founder

Jenn Uhen

Founder, Community Organizer

Shelly Schell, CDFA

Partner, Financial Strategist

See you next time!

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