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Interest Interviews: your simplest, fastest networking strategy

Did you realize that people actually want to help each other? We’re hardwired for it – it’s how we create networks, and forge human connections.

As we dive into Interest Interviews, get the ball rolling by asking yourself, what do you currently believe about networking? Yep, it can be scary, but here’s what some of you said:

  • “Every time I connect with someone I feel better.”

  • “I believe that there is something I can learn from every person I meet.”

  • “I believe that people's personal selves are what connect us, no matter our job.”

So, are you ready to start planning some interest interviews? Download a copy of Nicole’s workbook here and dive into the replay to put your plan into action (you can also download a copy of the slides here).


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Join Chelle for the upcoming Canopy Advisory Group Future of Work Panel Discussion on April 26th. Show up at 4:30 pm for networking and Cocktails, and catch the discussion at 5:00 pm. Register here.

Emilie Aries is joining us soon for a virtual workshop, but don’t miss this free opportunity to hear from Chelle and Emilie on May 10th at the Bossed Up Power Hour in Denver!


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The International Bravery Coach

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