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The Aligned Workshop: 5 Steps to Align your Career Goals with Intention and execution

Do you subscribe to the American or the European Out of Office? Or do you find yourself asking, “What’s an Out of Office?!”

Today we talked about decreasing burnout and improving productivity – with a practical exercise to clarify what we really value.

So how do you know what you really value? Sometimes you can put words to it, and sometimes you can’t. In this session, Ivette guides us to put words to our core values – but remember, it’s your definition. As you are thinking through your values, ask yourself:

  • Does this define me?

  • Is this who I am when I’m at my best?

The next step is building goals to honor your values. Ready to do the work? Grab your copy of the Aligned Workbook here and dive right in to this replay! Watch for more on how to align your goals to your values, how to best reward yourself, and how to re-energize and focus (and to find out the difference between the European and American OOO!).

If you’re ready for more strategic planning, don’t hesitate to reach out to Chelle or Ivette:

If you would like access to the connections and information in the chat before the breakout room session when the chat was lost, please send me a note at


Positive Intelligence with Ivette and Chelle

Chelle and Ivette are both certified Positive Intelligence coaches and would love to have you join one of their programs.

Learn more about Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence here, and if you’re interested in joining one of Chelle’s cohorts, complete the interest form on her website.

Want to train your mental fitness with a friend? Take advantage of Ivette’s offer, good for one more day! Sign up for her Positive Intelligence Training: Buy One Get One Free Promo (Register by January 24th and include the other person’s name during checkout).

Curious about your Saboteurs? Take the Assessment!


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Ivette Flower, she/her

High Achievers Coach

CEO, iFlower Solutions


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