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Reframing Ageism in the Workplace for Women and Allies 40 & 50+

Are you ready to combat gendered ageism?! Barbara Brooks and Lupe Hirt absolutely nailed it with their tools to prove that your age is your superpower. Do you believe you have been passed over for a job or promotion because of your age? Have you witnessed or experienced an ageist comment on the job? Your experiences are not imagined -- they are a reality.

Take a look back at the conversation here.

You can learn more about Barbara, Lupe and SecontAct|Women at

Links from our conversation:

Download the Personal Brand Statement worksheet that Barbara and Lupe shared and Own Your Personal Brand.

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Connect with our panelists:

Guadalupe Hirt

Co-Founder SecondAct|Women

Barbara Brooks

Founder + CEO SecondAct|Women

Chelle Johnson

Founder, Colorado Career Connectors

See you next time!

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