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Play Your Way to Your Next Job: Innovating Your Job Search

What does play mean for you? As it turns out, the greater scientific community can’t even seem to agree! Acey’s research lists the following qualities, and these 8 are the most important qualities she’s discovered in play for adults:

  • Personal

  • Beneficial

  • Seemingly purposeless

  • Intrinsically motivating

  • Joyful

  • Optional

  • Actively engaging

  • Iterative

The act of play increases some really important neurotransmitters that help us relax, reduce stress and increase neuroplasticity – among many other benefits. Very cool! 

Check out the replay for Acey’s full advice on how to add more play to your day. The great part about it – you may not need to add anything new to your already busy schedule. Think about how to make the things you are already doing more interesting, entertaining or stimulating

So, how will you make more time for play?!


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Chelle Johnson

CEO & Founder

Best You Talent Advisors

Founder, Colorado Career Connectors

Acey Holmes

Founder & CEO, BoredLess


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