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It’s Not Burnout; It’s Betrayal - Overcome Corporate Betrayal & Thrive

How do you know if it’s burnout or betrayal? Lora Cheadle walked us through the symptoms of both, talked about how they are similar, and shared her trick for discovering which one you’re experiencing.

Don’t just manage the symptoms – get to the root cause! Ask yourself, do the traditional remedies for burnout work for me? If so, then go for it! Take care of yourself, or work with someone like Chelle. If not, you may need to work through Lora’s FLAUNT method for recovering from betrayal.

Watch the replay for the breakdown, and if you are experiencing Corporate Betrayal and need guidance, reach out to Lora.

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Links from our conversation

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Lora Cheadle, she/her

Burnout & Betrayal Recovery Coach

Lora Cheadle, Life Choreography

Chelle Johnson (she/her)

CEO & Founder

Best You Career Advantage

Founder, Colorado Career Connectors


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