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Our Sponsors

Thanks to our amazing sponsors we are able to provide the best programming possible for our community. Learn more about them here. If you're intersted in sponsorship opportunities with Colorado Career Connectores, let us know!

Platinum Level

Our platinum level sponsors keep us running all year long, and serve on our board of advisors. 

Anna Brambilla headshot
The Entreprenuer's Source: Career Ownership Coaching

Anna Brambilla

Career Ownership Coach, The Entrepreneur’s Source

  • LinkedIn

In more than 20 years as a recruiter, job search coach, outplacement coach and relocation specialist, Anna has helped hundreds of professionals in different stages of their career transition learn new things about themselves and explore options they wouldn’t otherwise consider.

For 35 years, through education and objective coaching, The Entrepreneur’s Source has helped tens of thousands of people consider alternate career options consistent with their goals, needs and expectations through their portfolio of nearly 200 franchise and business opportunities across 80+ industries.

As a Career Ownership Coach, Anna provides a safe, pressure-free space for people to dream and plan, explore their income and lifestyle goals, determine if franchising and entrepreneurship is a fit, and then help them identify franchise vehicles that might get them to their goals.

She is passionate about helping people recognize the strengths and transferable skills they don’t necessarily see in themselves.

Gold Level

Our gold level sponsors do more than just sponsor events, they play an important role in helping our community members flourish. 

Shelly Schell headshot; a white woman with long blond hair with a black blazer and white s
PRISM Financial Strategies

Shelly Schell

Financial Strategist, Partner, CDFA, PRISM Financial Strategies

  • LinkedIn

Shelly Schell is cofounder of PRISM Financial Strategies, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm in Denver, Colorado. 


She provides financial education and solutions for individuals and families. This includes financial planning and investment advisory services customized for each client. In addition, Shelly is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and helps women analyze the long-term financial impact of divorce. 


Shelly’s passion is helping clients meet financial goals. With more than two decades of experience, she takes a lifestyle approach, tailoring investment solutions that match each client’s beliefs and needs. This helps women create a relationship with money through education and personal connection which sets her apart from the many financial advisors in the industry. 

Visit Seasonal Finance, A community of like-minded women who are driven to take control of their personal finances.

Event Sponsors

Event sponsors support our community with direct participation.

They offer services and opportunities on a per-event basis.

Gallus Medical Detox Centers
IQ Clarity
Community Medical Services
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