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The Web of Financial Impact

How are you making your spending choices?

Is it because of a smart marketing campaign? Eye-catching packaging? Or is it as simple as the cheapest product or the closest store?

It’s your choice how you spend, and your choices matter. Every dollar you spend is a dollar someone else is earning. Shelly Schell explores this idea with the concept of Money Multiplier Impact, and exercises to get you thinking about not only where your dollars go, but why.

Spend some time tracking:

  • The top 5 places you shop

  • The 10 brands you buy the most

  • The top 5 service providers you use

  • Your top 5 online service providers

Then, journal through your core values to identify your connection with money – and consider the personal factors that influence your spending decisions: belief, lifestyle, values, job, and age.

Watch the replay here for all of the juicy financial wisdom and the rest of the ideas and strategies from Shelly to help you align your spending with your values.

Ready for the next steps? Visit to learn more about Shelly and her services.


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Chelle Johnson, she/her

CEO & Founder

Best You Career Advantage

Founder, Colorado Career Connectors

Shelly Schell

Financial Strategist—Partner

PRISM Financial Strategies, Llc


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