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Behind the Recruitment Curtain: The Secrets to Recruiting Top Talent in 2022

What’s on recruiters’ minds in 2022? Things are definitely changing – texting is now common (and popular) between job seekers and recruiters; you may never go to an in-person interview; and most importantly, no one expects you to be perfect. Have your pets found their way into your Zoom meeting? Did your kids unexpectedly barge into it? Guess what?! That’s A-okay!

Recruiters know that you are human. So are they. This is so important to remember as you build good relationships with the people who are filling positions. Chelle, Gina and Cassie led a great in-depth discussion about their lives behind the scenes as recruiters. Even Anna Brambilla made an appearance with her years of expertise!

You can watch the recording here. (Our apologies – for some reason our speakers weren’t recording during screen sharing this time).

Links from our conversation:

We have two great resume writers and Linkedin optimizers in our community. Lisa Carman, who you may have met, and Nicki Massman (who you will meet soon!).

We’ve just posted our new sponsor page at! You can find it in the main menu, under About. Connect with our community sponsors and learn more in two great videos from Chelle and Anna.

Learn more about AimHire and available opportunities.

Learn more about Boulevard, and available opportunities.

Featured member:

Meet Jolene Whitney, our featured member this week. Jolene is a customer success, customer relationship and client engagement leader. She is a sales manager, trusted and strategic advisor, brand champion, agilist and is certified SAFe SPC 5.

She is currently completing Chelle’s coaching program based on the book Positive Intelligence, and recommends it for you, too! Learn more at

What’s next?

A Hiring Manager’s Perspective: Honoring our Veterans and Military

3/7/2022 - 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Join us in celebrating our veterans, active military, military spouses, and those who care for them at this special session of Colorado Career Connectors.

We are honored to have Tony Gilbert, Program Manager of Military and Veteran Recruitment, Raytheon Missiles and Defense Theda Johnson, Senior Technical Recruiter and Military Community Advocate at DocuSign and Jim VanderMeer, the author of Operation Lily Pad and Product Director at Zendesk.

Chelle and our panelists will be discussing job hunting preparation and strategy, networking, and how hiring leaders make decisions on top talent. You will have the chance to hear more about these amazing companies, what they are looking for, how they hire, and what's hot in today's candidate market. Breakout rooms are also being offered so that you may personally meet and speak with our panelists.

Attendees will be able to purchase the book through BookBaby with a discount code provided. Proceeds from this e-book will be donated to organizations committed to helping transitioning military and veterans.

Connect with our Panelists:

Chelle Johnson

CEO & Founder, Best You Career Advantage

Founder, Colorado Career Connectors

Cassie Pecharich

Senior Account Manager, AimHire

Gina Blair

Senior Business Recruiter, Boulevard

See you next time!

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