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The Power of Women in the Workplace

Be a voice, not an echo. We’ve seen this quote attributed to Albert Einstein, but today Guadalupe Hirt said it, and we all heard it loud and clear! You just need to see the stats that our panelists mentioned in this session to make you want to raise your voice.

Women are reporting excruciatingly high rates of burnout; 50% of BIPOC women are considering leaving their roles in the next two years. There are currently 2.2 million fewer women in the workforce, but we are not ready to give in!

We are all rock stars! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Watch the replay here.

Links from our Conversation

If you haven’t yet met with Chelle, don’t forget to set up some time with her! Learn more about her business at

Here’s the She-cession article in the Denver Post that was mentioned. Judith Kohler quotes Chelle, our featured Member Karen Crumback, and panelist Simine D. Ross!

The Great Reset white paper referenced by Simone can be found at the CWCC website using this link.

CCC friend, former panelist and co-founder of SecondActWomen Barbara Brooks recommends looking up Kate Bailey and TARRA if you haven’t heard of them. Visit the TARRA website here.

You can join Second Act Women at They are a fantastic support system for 40 & 50+ women.

Featured member

Meet Karen Crumback. She is a strategic, results driven development professional with a passion for nonprofit management. She is also a passionate patient and senior advocate.

Connect with Karen on Linkedin.

Thank you to our sponsor

Anna Brambilla

Career Ownership Coach, The Entrepreneur’s Source

As a Career Ownership Coach, Anna provides a safe, pressure-free space for people to dream and plan, explore their income and lifestyle goals, determine if franchising and entrepreneurship is a fit, and then help them identify franchise vehicles that might get them to their goals.

What’s next

Interviewing: How to show up as your whole and authentic self

Monday 5/23/22 - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm MDT

Interviews can be an intimidating and confusing process for a variety of reasons. There is a lot of pressure to make the “right” impression in a short amount of time.

This workshop will help shift your perspective on interviews and support your journey to finding the right job. Our presenters, Monica and Sarah, have experience on both sides of the interview conversation. They will share their expertise to empower you to show up confidently and authentically, which are critical ingredients for setting yourself up for success in landing a new role.

Connect with our panelists

Chelle Johnson

CEO & Founder, Best You Career Advantage

Founder, Colorado Career Connectors

Connect with Chelle

Anna Brambilla

Career Ownership Coach, The Entrepreneur's Source

Platinum Sponsor, Colorado Career Connectors

Connect with Anna

Guadalupe Hirt

Co-Founder SecondAct|Women

Connect with Lupe

Simone D. Ross

Founder + CEO Simone D. Ross, LLC

CEO, Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Connect with Simone

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