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Taboo Talent + HR Topics

"Would you consider… ?" This may just be the magic phrase that this HR panel swoons over.

Rewatch this session for the full discussion, and if you missed it, you'll definitely want to know why. Brian, Shawnna and Chelle shed light on some fascinating truths about the HR world and what goes on between the hiring manager, HR, the recruiter and YOU.

Links from our conversation

Did you know all of our previous session recordings are available on our YouTube channel and full recaps can be found on our website.

Have you met with Chelle one-on-one? Visit her website here, and book a call with her.

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CCC member Lisa’s employer, the Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, is hiring for HR and controller roles. Jobs are posted on

Want to work with Brian? Sovrn is hiring.

If you are a Denver Post subscriber you can read this article about the She-cession – featuring CCC member Karen Crumback, our founder Chelle Johnson, and friend of CCC and CEO of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Simone D. Ross.

What’s Next

The Power of Women in the Workplace graphic text

The Power of Women in the Workplace + Myths We Have to Overcome

May 09, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM MDT

Colorado Career Connectors is celebrating all the amazing Moms, Sisters, Aunts, #BadassWomen, #BossLadies, female co-workers and colleagues, and their allies that make this world such a special place.

We are honored to welcome Lupe Hirt, Co-Founder of SecondActWomen, Simone D. Ross, CEO of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and Anna Brambilla, Career Ownership Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source and Premier Sponsor of Colorado Career Connectors to our panel.

Don’t miss this important panel discussion and the opportunity to network with our guests in breakout rooms.

Connect with our panelists

Chelle Johnson

CEO & Founder

Brian Curr

Senior Human Resources Business Partner at Sovrn

Shawnna Earnest, SHRM-SCP

See you next time!

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