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Gobs of Jobs - Advice to Level Up Your Resume and Linkedin

Did you know that many posted jobs are getting more than 400 applicants? It’s impossible for hiring managers to look at every single application, and companies are relying more and more on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Here are a few tips from Nicki Massman to help your resume be compatible with the ATS:

  • Make sure your buzzwords match up to the job description – to the computer, “project manager” and “project management” aren’t the same thing.

  • Stick to standard bullets rather than characters the computer will misinterpret.

  • Avoid using text boxes or tables as the computer won’t read them.

Remember, fancy designs won’t get you through – content is the key! When your resume lands in front of human eyes, you'll get between 5 and 15 seconds of their initial attention. You’ll want to make sure you’re following these best practices:

  • Use an easy to scan bullet point format.

  • Stick to one page for junior level positions and 2-3 pages max for mid-career and up.

  • Showcase your work going no more than 10 years back — you can list the rest as previous experience for work history, but you don’t need details.

  • Don’t just list your job duties – what are your accomplishments?

  • Hands-on technical professionals should have a technical skill section.

  • Explain your gaps – leaving a blank is leaving a question mark.

  • Eliminate potential age discrimination by avoiding listing graduation years or talking about x years of experience right off the bat. Focus on how you are current and innovative.

  • Ensure that your Linkedin profile is reflective of your resume – recruiters are looking!

The traditional job search is dead. Thank you to Nicki for sharing her experience with us and for another great conversation to help us all be more successful.


Links from our Conversation

Reach out to Nicki here for a FREE resume review:

Are you interested in any of the roles Chelle mentioned? She’s looking for project managers in construction or finance. Send us an email at

Andrew Hudson was interviewed for the Denver Post for the article Chelle quoted today (unfortunately, it is behind a paywall). We recommend Andrew Hudson’s Job’s List as a tool in your search.

Be sure to check out our Community Resources page; we’ve added a few new things!

As always, you’re welcome and invited to reach out to Chelle directly if there’s anything she can help you with or you need to have a conversation about. Get on her calendar here.


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