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Financial Planning During Times of Transition

Can we really have it all? YES! But it’s not easy and you must be prepared. Today we talked about the role of a financial advisor (they want you to be successful!), and how you can build a positive relationship with your money. It’s so important to make a connection between you and your financial goals – aligning your spending, saving and investing with your needs, wants and wishes.

Shelly gave us some really great questions to noodle over. Just like we might journal through our thoughts on other parts of our lives, we can also journal through our thoughts and feelings on money and our financial situation.

What is your financial story? Your history and your experience with money shape the way that you behave financially today. What are some of the negative experiences? How about the positive ones? Take time to journal through it, and spend some time exploring how you want to shape your future.

Why do you make the choices you make with your money? Is there a purpose behind it?

Explore your core values and how they relate to your relationship with your financesWatch the replay for the detailed walk through of this exercise and how it will benefit you. Download the slides with all the exercises here.

Investment Advisory Services offered through PRISM Financial Strategies, LLC; a Registered Investment Adviser.


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Did you hear the news?! Colorado Career Connectors is officially a nonprofit! We are so excited to work on the future of this community.

Chelle’s money matters book recommendation is It's Not Your Money: How to Live Fully From Divine Abundance by Tosha Silver.

For more on finance, visit our community partner, the Pledgettes.


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Founder, Colorado Career Connectors

Shelly Schell, CDFA

Financial Strategist—Partner

Prism Financial Strategies, Llc


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