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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Things that we don’t always think of as obstacles – someone’s accent, their name, skin color – are easy to take for granted when they are not an obstacle for us. It is an unfortunate fact that there are people who will dismiss a job applicant based on them.

Workplaces are trending toward conversations about diversity, but how can we assure that there is action behind these words? It’s incredibly important that we are building a community that affects change at the systemic level – and at a personal level.

So what can you do?

Our panelists could not be more clear that our community, and community thinking, is powerful. Yes, it’s true, we live in an America that values individualism, but as we continue our discussion about diversity, we open our minds to collective efforts.

Here are a few actions that you can take right away:

  • If you are in a leadership position, take opportunities to recommend, refer, and advocate for your employees and colleagues.

  • If you are hiring, trust the Latinx professionals that you hire are exactly that – competent professionals.

  • Don’t assume that all Latinx communities are the same – there are multitudes of cultures. Get to know them.

  • Get involved with other people – the more you know, the more doors are open for you, and for each other. You will have more information, and you will gain perspective.

  • Really listen, with an open mind, and trust that the connection that we have as humans will usually lead us in the right direction.

If you are a Latinx professional looking for support, our community and our panelists are here for you! Reach out at any time – their contact information is below.


Connect with our panelists

Marianie Arroyo (she/her)

Marketing Director, ADELANTE con DISH

Ubaldo Ciminieri (he/him)

CMO, InterviewIA

Rocio Duran (she/her/ella)

Founder / CEO, Rocio Life Coach

Chelle Johnson (she/her)

CEO & Founder

Best You Career Advantage

Founder, Colorado Career Connectors


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