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Behind the Recruitment Curtain: The Future of Work

What industries are hiring right now? How do I stand out? How do I manage my stress?!

These are just a few of the questions we covered in this edition of Behind the Recruitment curtain. The Future of Work is a hot topic – and for good reason. Change is happening all around us, and who better to try to guide us through it than some of Denver’s most experienced recruiters.

And remember, the job search can be hard, and it can be scary, but we are here for you! Stay connected – there are so many people in Denver (and around the globe) who want to help each other out, including us.

Note: due to technical difficulties, only Chelle's screen was captured during recording.


Links from our conversation

Colorado Workforce Centers:

Volunteer websites shared by Megan Jo:

And this volunteer site shared by member, Laura:

Some of Megan Jo’s favorite job boards:

Check out our past events on our YouTube channel:


Connect with our panelists

Chelle Johnson, she/her

CEO & Founder

Best You Career Advantage

Founder, Colorado Career Connectors

Megan Jo Specht

Sr. Recruiter


Peter Hancock


Professional Employment Group of Colorado


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